• 1 day: 280 € / person
  • 1 week (7 days, 6 nights): 1800 € / person

Those amounts include:

  • Access to the sailboat and all of its equipment (motorized dinghy, stand-up paddle, barbecue ...)
  • Accommodation for the duration of the cruise
  • Professional skipper
  • Boat insurance covering commercial activity
  • The supply of sheets

They do not include:

  • Cooking and service: there is no hostess / cook on board, the preparation of meals, table service, tidying and cleaning of common areas (cockpit, saloon, galley), cabins and heads during and at the end of the cruise are done directly by the passengers ("self-catering accommodation").
  • Transfer from / to the airport
  • Personal expenses (restaurant, souvenir, visits, etc.)
  • Individual insurance (repatriation, cancellation, luggage, ...)
  • Expenses included in the boardcash (see below)

It must be fully paid before the start of the cruise, according to the terms established in the general conditions of sale.

The boardcash :

In addition to the fixed cost, passengers must pay a mandatory contribution to the boardcash which includes the costs of life on board the boat during the duration of the cruise:

  • Food and drinks consumed on board
  • Port and mooring costs
  • "Administrative" costs (clearances, customs duties, possible natural park tax)
  • Fuel costs (diesel, gasoline, gas)

Its amount depends on the duration of the cruise, the itinerary (anchorages or marinas), the weather (sail / engine ratio), the number of meals taken on board, the choice of menus, etc.

It costs on average € 30 per person per day.

Each passenger must pay deposits in cash as and when spending.