Our engagements

The service we offer you subscribes to all the rules in force in France, as regards the maritime transport of passengers and the management of a commercial activity:

  • The skipper is a professional of the sea, patented by Maritime Affairs. He has the qualifications required to legally carry up to 12 paying passengers on board all sail and motor vessels less than 24m and 200 UMS ("Universal Measurement System" which indicates the cargo volume) up to 200 nautical miles on the side.
  • The boat was registered as a commercial vessel with the French authorities. For this, it has been inspected and approved by representatives of the Ship Safety Center. This approval guarantees you to embark on a ship in good condition and equipped in accordance with the norms and regulations, especially as regards safety equipment. The inspection is renewed every 2 years.
  • The activity is managed within the framework of a company with an address in France and a SIRET number. The invoices are established in due form, the content of the service and the general conditions of sale are perfectly transparent.
  • The activity is covered by insurance.

It is this professionalism that brings you the following guarantees:

  • Safety: There is no more wonderful experience than boarding a boat at the other end of the world for a few days of relaxation on crystal clear waters. But like any expedition at sea, a pleasure cruise must be prepared and conducted seriously. The Rose of the Winds and its crew have obtained all the necessary authorizations to organize cruises.
  • Clarity: Because we respect the rules in force for the maritime transport of passengers, there is no ambiguity about the status of our activity:
    • It is not about charter disguised as "conavigation" with an owner who thinks he can do without a maritime patent by boarding "volunteers" "crew" while claiming an exorbitant participation in the "cashier". The body of the boat must be strictly limited to the costs incurred by life on board during the cruise (meals, fuel, any costs of anchoring or harboring). Under no circumstances may the ship's board include the costs related to the maintenance of the vessel, nor, of course, remuneration for the owner or the crew. In
    • therefore, it should never exceed 15 or 20 € per person per day.
    • It is also not one of these "skipper ship rentals" presenting the comicality that the owner and the skipper prove to be one and the same person! It's called charter, and it can only be practiced on a ship certified in "NUC" (Commercial Use Vessel).
    • Even less of a "boat rental without skipper" but with the owner who stays on board (as "crew" of course) to monitor his boat ...

I do not like playing the poopers, but it must be admitted that the imagination of certain sailors has no limit when it comes to circumvent the regulations! On the "Rose of the Winds", you are well a passenger, a customer. The price is clearly stated, there is no bad surprise. What it includes is precisely detailed. The conditions of sale are written in black and white.

  • Reliability :

We are cruise professionals and this activity is our main source of revenue.

In addition to the costs related to the normal maintenance of the ship, we assume the costs related to its homologation as well as the expenses related to any declared economic activity.

The viability of the business therefore implies a sufficient volume of activity.

Only satisfied customers come back and recommend to those around them.

And the best way to bring you satisfaction is to meet our commitments.

It's as simple as that !



Our service is certainly professional, but certainly not industrial!
On the contrary, we claim to be cruisers.

  • Small committee, serenity and friendliness

La Rose des Vents is neither a "factory ship" nor a "floating hotel-club" with its friendly-organizer gominé and survitaminé.

That does not mean we are not here to have fun and relax, quite the opposite!

The sun and the turquoise sea, good music, meetings on board, a delicious meal prepared and savored together, multiple sports and leisure activities practiced together, the discovery of a new island ... All this puts naturally the atmosphere!

Cruises are organized in small groups, in an atmosphere combining serenity and conviviality, the only guarantee of a successful nautical experience.

  • A cruise aboard the Rose des Vents offers incomparable moments of serenity. There is nothing more majestic than the sea, and nothing more exciting than to contemplate and live in communion with it. This is the ideal setting to return to fundamentals.
  • It is also the setting for a friendly and rewarding atmosphere. On board everyone learns very quickly to know each other and easily exchange around a good meal or a shared activity.


  • Spontaneity and enthusias

The itinerary and the progress of our cruises are of course prepared in advance.

However we do not offer indefinitely the same cruising program, repetitive and standardized, unchanging from year to year ... until saturation.

The Rose des Vents travels the world, changes navigation basin, and renews its offer, just as a good restaurant regularly changes its map.

There is always a place for adventure and exploration, a bit like the time of great maritime discoveries.

Our capacity for wonder is preserved and contributes to the enthusiasm of all.

We also cultivate our ability to adapt and improvise, which are the indispensable qualities of a good sailor!

  • Solidarity and simplicity
    • Participation in the maneuvers

It is about sharing an authentic maritime experience, so all those who wish are welcome to participate in the maneuvers. Depending on your desires, you can steer, adjust the sails or monitor navigation. All this with the advice and under the responsibility of the captain of course!

  • Participation in the life of the board

The basic option (see practical information) does not include a hostess. In this configuration, the preparation of meals, the training and cleaning of the table as well as the service and storage of the common areas are taken care of collectively.

It should be noted that bunkering is however included in the selling price and carried out before the arrival of the passengers on board. The list of races is established on the basis of a varied and balanced menu-type with the corresponding recipes - simple but delicious - available on board.

This is the "self-catering" formula found in many guesthouses. We recommend it because we think that the preparation of the meals constitute privileged moments to weld a crew! As we are not too numerous, the organization remains flexible and not very constraining. It encroaches only very little on other activities or idleness! One can for example imagine that the lunch is prepared by a person in turn while the evening is made together at the time of the aperitif.

Is it necessary to specify that the skipper also participates in household tasks? I am not a blue cordon but I master some recipes. I was even a cook for a big charter company, and the returns were pretty positive!

  • Ecological responsibility

We benefit all the better from life as we do it responsibly, especially from the ecological point of view.
Our carbon footprint aboard the Rose des Vents is almost nil:

  • we sail as much as we can,
  • the ship is equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine to limit the use of carbon energies,
  • the desalinator can produce fresh and drinkable water in sufficient quantity without having to buy inconsiderately plastic bottles of mineral water,
  • we manage the waste very carefully.

By adopting some simple and uncomplicated habits, you can help us maintain this balance. The main thing is to limit the consumption of fresh water for the shower or the dishes, and to avoid using the batteries leaving unnecessarily a connected electrical device or a lit light.

  • The middle way


"Apply yourself to keep the balance in everything." (Confucius)

At first sight, all this may seem austere or even moralistic, at the limit of monastic commitment!

But not at all: the holidays are there to have fun!

My favorite cocktail is "Mai Tai" which mixes white rum, old rum, lime juice, orgeat syrup and triple sec.

Now, it is a successful cruise as a good cocktail: you must know how to carefully weigh the ingredients!
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