Discovering the Caribbean

La Rose des Vents is currently exploring the West Indies!

The West Indies gather some twenty sovereign nations, fifty or so important islands and countless small islands, for some uninhabited, scattered over a territory about the size of Europe.

We distinguish traditionally:

The Lesser Antilles is this string of islands separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean from the Virgin Islands in the north to the Netherlands Antilles off Venezuela in the South.
The largest Antilles comprised of Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Jamaica and Cuba.
The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands further north, off Florida.
In other words, there is something to do!

Those who want to combine cruise and discovery will not be bored. The Caribbean is of course emerald lagoons and white sand beaches. But it is also a rich and varied culture, produced a tormented history.

Kite-surf cruising enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite sport on world famous spots only accessible by sailing. Among the best known is the Grenadine archipelago between Saint Vincent and Grenada, or the Roques archipelago off Venezuela.